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the big marketing show

Join Us for the world's first ever online talk show for marketing.


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Candid discussions with some on the world's leading marketers...


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the big marketing show

Join Us for the world's first ever online talk show for marketing.


the big marketing


Candid discussions with some on the world's leading marketers...


marketing MASTERMIND


How do you compare to your peers? Take the quiz to find out...


marketing buzzwords


Download your Bingo card to stay sane in marketing meetings...


Background to history...

Hello and thanks for being curious. 

When I started my first proper job with a suit, tie and briefcase, I wasn't legally old enough to drink in a pub (18 in Australia). I studied at night for 8 years at university and TAFE, while climbing the corporate ladder during the day, measuring my life in minutes.

Initially, I worked in commodity trading, buying tallow and meat by-products from abattoirs around NSW, then exporting them on cargo ships out of Sydney. I spent many a long night on the wharves as we pumped hot fat into ship’s tanks, as well as drinking serious liquor in Captain’s cabins poring over manifests, while I dodged their personal advances – they had been alone at sea a while. I also had an attempt made on my life by a waterside workers unionist – but that’s another story.

I then honed my retail marketing skills in our family suburban supermarket, which included getting robbed, and learning an awful lot about consumers, before moving into B2B sales of industrial maintenance services.

By 22 I was National Marketing Manager at TNTGroup4, and at 28 the youngest ever Managing Director of an Ogilvy & Mather office worldwide – two records that still stand. David Ogilvy invited me to meet with him to discuss my age as he felt you needed to be 35 to run an agency. He didn’t realise I had eleven years working both client and agency sides before becoming MD. Most of the people in the Ogilvy MBA graduate programme (whom I once taught in NY) were a similar age to me, but had only ever been students and were yet to start full-time employment.

Now, with over four decades working in senior management, I've accumulated a wealth of unmatched hands-on expertise in consumer, B2B, fundraising and government categories. I’ve run various types of advertising agencies, marketing departments, retail businesses (online and bricks n mortar) a SaaS email marketing agency and a number of my own start-ups. To quote David Ogilvy, "I've tasted blood" - and have experienced more than one era of disruptive technology. There’s really not much new in marketing.

Living and working in the USA, Asia and Australia has given me wide exposure to different cultures. I’ve worked as a consultant, built businesses from scratch and been responsible for 250+ staff across seven countries and multiple languages, plus everything in between.

I have a reputation for building strong collaborative teams and profitable businesses, have won all sorts of industry awards and had some failures too. One campaign broke a US fundraising record while another caused building evacuations. Have also pioneered marketing innovations, such as Australia's first streaming video email (to launch PlayStation 5) and the world’s first virtual tour of a five-star hotel.

I’m regarded as one of Australia’s leading marketing educators and commentators, and ran my own marketing education company – The Marketing Campus. I’ve written five marketing texts, speak regularly at industry events and have trained executives in 22 countries. The Marketing Campus launched Australia’s first online Certificate in Digital Marketing, in partnership with the IDMA (UK).

My blog was rated by The Directory (www.directnewideas.com) in the best three marketing blogs globally alongside Bob Hoffman and Rory Sutherland. https://themalcolmauldblog.com. I lecture on a range of marketing subjects (15 to date) in the School of Communication at UTS.

My experience now has me in demand as a mentor, particularly in the digital marketing industry where I help founders scale their agencies profitably. I consult to business owners, ad agencies, marketers, fundraisers, and sit on Advisory Boards. Am also an active copywriter.

Aside from my day job, I'm a husband and the father of two university students, #losingmyhair. Am a Governor of the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife; qualified football coach; once earned some shekels playing semi-professional football (have won 39 football grand finals and lost 4); a rugby union assistant referee; award-winning winemaker; incompetent rodeo rider; prize-winning jam maker; and have performed in Cirque du Soleil.

And I’m about to host the world’s first online talk show on marketing – The BIG Marketing Show.

Here's a brief summary of my executive roles:

● Managing Director – Ogilvy & Mather Direct, Ogilvy DataConsult, Ogilvy PR, Board Member – Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

● Managing Director – JWT Connect (Direct, Data & Digital Marketing Agency of J.Walter Thompson), Board Member J. Walter Thompson

● Regional Partner Southeast Asia and Board member – EURO RSCG Partnership

● National Marketing Manager - TNTGroup4

● Managing Director/Creative Director – M@D (Malcolm Auld Direct)

● Managing Director/Creative Director- The Content Brewery (Content Marketing Agency)

● Managing Director – Buzzmail (Email Marketing SaaS & Agency)
● Managing Partner – CruisePeople.com & Jetset Travel Balmain

● Managing Director – The Marketing Campus (Online Marketing Education & Publishing)
● Global CMO – Heartchain (Medical Innovations Blockchain Platform & SaaS)
● Contract CMO (Now known as a Fractional CMO)
● Partner – The Marketing Advisory Practice
● Senior Lecturer & Acting Professor of Advertising – UTS (15 subjects including, Digital Futures, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Branding, Copywriting)

Industry Contribution

● Keynote Speaker & MC – 22 Countries, 600+ industry conferences/events/courses

● TV Marketing Commentator - The Small Business Show on Channel 9

● Author & Publisher – Books and white papers

● Written and delivered Certificate courses for ADMA: Certificate of Direct Marketing; Certificate of Digital Marketing;

● Written and delivered Certificate courses for The Marketing Campus: Certificate of B2B Marketing; Certificate of Email Marketing; Certificate of Digital Marketing

● Written and delivered one-day events for ADMA and AMI: Essentials of Email Marketing: Essentials of Branding; Essentials of Copywriting

● Written and delivered one-day events for The Marketing Campus: Direct Marketing; Digital Marketing; Email Marketing: Financial Services Marketing; B2B Marketing; How to write copy that sells; The Direct Mail Renaissance
● Publisher - Database Marketing Magazine
● Consulting Editor - Direct Magazine
● Contributor to trade press – Ad News, B&T, Mumbrella, Marketing magazine Australia, Marketing magazine NZ, Marketing magazine Asia, Campaign, AFR, Australian Business, News Ltd
● Marketing columnist - Print21, micenet

● Interviewee for numerous podcasts
● ADMA Board Member – (State & National Boards 20 years) 
● Chairman of Judges – ADMA (three times)
● Awards Judge – ADMA (23 years)
● Readers Digest Print Awards Judge

● Guest Lecturer – UNSW Post Graduate Digital Marketing Diploma

● Guest Lecturer - TAFE NSW Cert IV Marketing


● Direct Marketing Made Easy (4 editions)

● Email Marketing Made Easy
● Direct Mail. The REAL Digital Disruptor... (3 editions)

● Write Like You Mean Business (2 editions)

● Auld on Direct

● They laughed when I sat at the keyboard...but when I began to email

● The Direct Mail Renaissance


● Bachelor of Business (Marketing/Advertising)

● Certificate IV Advertising

● Certificate of Direct Marketing

● Certificate of Digital Marketing

● Certificate of B2B Marketing


● Columnist – Auld on Direct (Ad News)

● B2B Marketing Columnist – micenet

● B2B Marketing Columnist – Print21

● Direct response and brand TVCs

● Infomercials

● Radio advertising

● Press and magazine advertising
● Direct mail
● Email

● Websites
● Newsletters – print and digital

● Online advertising – banner and social media

● Catalogues
● Packaging
● Sales presentations and collateral
● Video and animation scripts
● Blog posts and social media content

● Lifestyle articles across 12 subjects - RACQLiving

● Speeches and presentations

●Media releases


● Won 50+ Awards for results – AMI (National Integrated Campaign of the Year), US DMA (including Diamond ECHO), ADMA, DMAsia and Australia Post Winged Messenger

● 21-Year Service Award ADMA

● David Ogilvy Award

● Ogilvy Silver Nail Award for Client Service Above & Beyond 

● 3 x Commendations for design and delivery of subjects at UTS School of Communication

Industry Firsts

● Invented the Creative Exchange at Ogilvy & Mather Direct – two single-status staff with the same job title eg Art Director, who worked in different countries, swapped homes and jobs for three months. They were paid as usual in their home country, but got international work experience within the agency network.

● The first Integrated Account Director at Ogilvy & Mather. I had two offices – one each at Ogilvy & Mather Direct and also at Ogilvy & Mather. My responsibility was to identify opportunities for work for each agency, within the other agency’s clients, to create organic growth.

● First Ogilvy & Mather Direct employee to win The Silver Nail Award.

● Launched the first data agency in Australia – Ogilvy DataConsult – in 1988. Nothing new in marketing, particularly related to big data.

● Pioneered three generations of a virtual tours of a five-star hotel delivered via direct mail. The first for the Park Hyatt Hotel in Sydney, used a 35mm slide viewer with a Walkman that dictated the tour as you changed each slide. The second was on a floppy disk for the Observatory Hotel in Sydney. The third as using a PURL for a personal tour of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai.
● Australia’s first column on direct marketing in a trade magazine – Auld on Direct in Ad News.

● Australia’s first book on direct marketing – Direct Marketing Made Easy.

● The world’s first non-American book on email marketing – Email Marketing Made Easy.
● Delivered Australia’s first email marketing presentation at ADMA Forum.
● Australia’s first email marketing agency – Buzzmail – pioneered streaming video emails, before malware destroyed the technology.
● Published Australia’s first Data magazine – Database Marketing.
● Designed the first loyalty clubs for numerous automotive and wine brands.
● Australia’s first online Certificate in Digital Marketing delivered by The Marketing Campus.

● Australia’s first B2B Marketing Certificate delivered over 15 weeks by The Marketing Campus.

● Australia’s first Email Marketing Course delivered by The Marketing Campus.


I provide a range of services for marketers and agencies and have a global network of experienced practitioners who work with me.


creative services

If you need advertising created in any media, videos, animation, sales collateral, websites, landing pages, email, articles, or any other creative service, just ask. I work with clients globally, as the Australian dollar is weak against the US dollar, Euro and British pound, so you get world-class work at great value.



Improve your marketing results with world-class copywriting and editing. Or have Malcolm train your team to improve their writing skills and your bottom line. His session “Liposuction for your copy” on its own will get you better results. As he says:

“The skill in copywriting is editing, as just like sculpting, it’s what you remove that gives your message shape.” 



Marketing Planning - development of marketing strategy and tactics, Agency Growth – advise on scaling your agency and your people, Sounding Board - available as an independent third party to provide feedback on marketing decisions, Recruitment - assistance with interviewing potential staff or assessing existing staff skill sets, Marketing department audits - skill set gap identification, marketing strategy and tactics analysis, agency relationships, internal relationships, training requirements ,Agency audits – skill set gap identification, client relationships, internal relationships, identify at-risk accounts, training requirements.


coaching and mentoring

Get professional coaching and mentoring for marketing staff at all levels. Formal programs can be developed with agreed KPIs for participants.



Customised training for individuals or teams. Courses on a range of marketing topics can be created that include specialist guest speakers with specific tradecraft skills or category expertise. Conducted face-to-face on premises or online.


keynote speaker

Liven up your next event with Australia's leading marketing educator - known as The Marketing Entertrainer.

Malcolm is a highly entertaining and engaging MC and a master educator. Check out what marketers say about him in the Plugs section.

Contact Malcolm on inquiry@madmail.com.au


Here are comments about Malcolm from marketers and delegates around the world:

"You are one of the cleverest, most insightful, most vigorous thinkers about advertising I know -people should be seeking you out for your wisdom and experience."

Executive Creative Director, Google, Europe

"You’re wasting your talent in Australia."

David Ogilvy

"Thank you for cutting through all the garbage! You're the voice of reason in an industry choking on its own B.S."

CMO Pennsylvania

"You probably saved Shell more than $100million and you were the youngest person in the room. None of them had a clue they had missed the mark until you showed them the data. I'll never forget the look on their faces when you told them to convert the lube bays into video rental stores - I almost spat out my coffee, bloody priceless"

Marketing Manager, Shell Australia

"You surprised me, you're the most honest advertising bloke I've ever met. No B.S. or agenda - very refreshing."

Marketing Manager, Cathay Pacific

"I've never known anyone like you. You measure your life in minutes when it comes to working."

MD, Lion Direct, Sydney

"Your strategic advice is so valuable, because you’ve obviously done this for real for your own businesses. Thank you for your help"

PR Director, Sydney

"Malcolm is one of the world's best marketing experts. The tag fits perfectly with a man who has three decades of experience in planning, implementing, managing and tracking some of Australia's most successful marketing campaigns. His strengths lie in the fact that he has been on both sides of the marketing fence, client and agency. He understands customers, prospects and markets and knows how to leverage marketing vehicles to effectively and efficiently reach target audiences to generate sales, build brands and develop long-term customer relationships. I recommend Malcolm's work at the highest possible level."

Iggy Pintado, Managing Director, IDC Australia

"Malcolm knows everything there is to know about email marketing- even if he is Australian. It's just a pity his country's cricket team isn't up to the same standard"

Bill Fryer, Creative Director, Bill Fryer Direct

"Malcolm's expertise and experience in the world of sophisticated direct marketing, in all its guises, is without question. In addition, he has built a team of like-minded, talented executives who deliver that expertise to his clients. Whether B2B, B2C or B2B2C, Malcolm is a business and an education leader in his field."

Graeme Boorer, CEO, Customer Strategies

"You're the first speaker to ever get rated 'best of event' three years in a row."

Event Manager, ADMA Forum

"You won the account because you were the only agency that talked about our business and what you could do for us. All the other agencies just talked about themselves."

Marketing Manager, Triple J, Sydney

"Your book is ruining my sex life! My wife won't put it down. She reads it every night til she goes to sleep and says I should get my own copy. I can't wait for her to finish."

Printing Business Owner, Sydney

"That's why they call you the entertrainer - you make learning fun and memorable"

NZ Event Manager

"I finished your book last night (email marketing made easy) and I have to admit that I have never come across a more interesting and educational book in my life."

Marketing manager, Sydney

"I wanted to drop a short line to thank you for the copy of Direct Marketing Made Easy you sent me.  The presentation you did for us late last year changed the way I approach briefs and I am getting more great insights and ideas from the book."

Marketing Executive, LexisNexis

"This is far too good a post not to share with everyone, everywhere. I loved reading Malcolm Auld's common sense approach to what is happening today. Thank you for making my day, as I continue to struggle to understand how publishing content is the marketing solution for running a business. I loved reading your article, I love your common sense approach and I totally agree with everything you say. Thank you."

MD & Celebrity Chef, Melbourne


Only presenter to be Rated No. 1 speaker at ADMA Forum three years in a row


Only presenter to be Rated No.1 speaker at CeBIT Digital Marketing Conference two years in a row


"I've never seen so many delegates nodding at the advice you gave. You’ve got the best reviews of all the consultants"

Event Manager, New Zealand

"Malcolm was refreshing and has encouraging ideas about using digital marketing channels in a rapidly changing environment."

 Chief Executive, Local Government NSW

"Malcolm was an excellent speaker. Really knew his stuff, excellent information"

Event Manager, Local Government NSW

"I felt the seminar you co-hosted was the most eye-opening and relevant/information-rich that have been to since being part of the wine industry"

Sales & Marketing Manager, McLaren Vale

"Just seen the evaluation from the Premier Partners workshop - you scored the best in terms of topic and delivery, by far! Thanks again for your participation. Overall, great feedback from attendees"

Marketing Manager, Fuji Xerox

"Thank you so much for your time and your presentation to my class last week - they were very impressed!"

Senior Lecturer, UNSW, Masters of Marketing

"I wanted to say thanks so much for a great seminar at the Hyatt. Every person I spoke to found it valuable - and fun - so your visit can be considered a success. I'm sure you didn't need to stick by the money-back guarantee because I didn't detect a hint of any unsatisfied folk."

Communications Manager, Western QBE

"Far exceeded expectations"

"Malcolm is an excellent and highly knowledgeable presenter"

"Real life content, Malcolm has done it himself and is sharing his knowledge. Much better than a traditional lecture."

"Thorough, insightful"

"Lots of informative data and good ideas that I'll implement"


"Very Informative"

"Longer time slot will be great"

"Very good subject, retain it"

"Great Speaker - very relevant and insightful content. Best session of the 3 attended"

"I like the guy"

"Excellent presentation"

"Needs to have these sessions available to bosses"

"Excellent speaker - couldn't get enough of this information. Very informative"

"Very enlightening and a great balance to all social media talks"

"Excellent, factual and succinct"

"Some very interesting facts and some great information that will be great for my business"

"Malcolm made the subject 'real' and tangible. Very enjoyable."


"I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your exceptional guidance throughout this time. As you know, English being my second language, I am often questioned a bit for not being good enough. However, you would make sure we understood what you meant in class, gave our group more guidance, and also gave me a second chance on my first assignment. I want you to know that all this help has given me great support this semester. You have made me less nervous and scared about my future academic life and made me believe that I can do better. I am grateful to have been a student of yours, and if the opportunity arises, I hope I can be a part of your class again and show you how much I have grown. Thank you once again for your exceptional teaching and mentorship. I wish you all the best for the future work and joy every day"

"The main reason I wish I could be there today is to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you. You have been an incredible tutor this semester, and your depth of knowledge and expertise has been nothing short of inspiring. I have learned an immense amount under your guidance, and your caring and kind nature has not gone unnoticed. Your dedication to providing one-on-one support to all of your students and your commitment to pushing us to think outside the box and guide us in the right direction are qualities that every tutor should have. I couldn't have asked for a better tutor this semester, and I genuinely appreciate the positive impact you've had on my educational journey. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and I hope you continue to inspire and guide many more students as you have done for me."

"I found Malcolm Auld to be one of the best tutors that I have had while studying at UTS. He is engaging and uses his own industry knowledge to bring theory content into practically thinking. I would consider doing the whole subject again just to gain more insights into the industry."

"When I came to this subject I had no idea what I got myself into, as I knew nothing about marketing, but regardless of the nerves from not knowing a thing, I now know more than ever! I liked how Malcolm was able to spend quality time with me and other students to talk about issues regarding the subject, and also advice on how to boost my skills. He also helped when I was really stressed on what to do and gave lots of feedback. Malcolm was the one to inspire me to never give up and had positive view that encouraged me to learn, learn more and never look down on myself. I love how he also checks our work and progress in a kind and friendly manner. He is very helpful. Without his friendly encountering and helpful conversations, I would not be where I am now. I would like to thank him very much for all that he has done."

Thanks so much Malcolm!! Was truly your class that made me realise how much I wanted to work in the industry, so thank you so much 🙌🏻🙌🏻 (Finalist B&T 30 Under 30)

"Thanks again for a great semester, you were an awesome tutor!"

Quote printed on reception wall at Fuji Xerox, Centre of Excellence in Bangkok


A handful of the clients that Malcolm has worked with over the years


Ace Insurance



ADC Krone


Advance Bank





All Saints Wines

American Express




ANZ Bank


Ark Group

Ashton Manufacturing

Asset Accountant




Australia Post

Australian Bureaus of Statistics

Australian Electoral Commission

Australian federal Government

B&E Bank




Brita Water

British Airways

Busy Books

Calliden Insurance

Cancer Council

Captain Cook Cruises

Carers NSW

Castle Hampers

Cathay Pacific


Cellarmaster Wines



Cluey Learning

Coca Cola

Community First Credit Union

Compaq Computers


Corum Health

Cruise Whitsunday

Danoz Direct

Defence Bank



Digital Glue

Digital Logic

Direct Response Media



Dreamtime Resorts

Easy Street Online Banking


Fairfax Media


Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

Fuji Xerox

Gourmet Dinner Service


Hammond Care

Hannover Fairs

Hanwood Estate

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts



ING Direct

Ingram Micro (Cisco)

Intercontinental Asiana Saigon

IPL Communications


Jetset Travel

Johnson & Johnson

Judge Business School UK

Jumeriah Beach Hotel



Kimberley Clark

Konica Minolta



Lamanga Club Spain

Lawson & Lovell Building Services

Lexis Nexis


Life Education

Lion Nathan

Luna Park


Macquarie University

Manly Pacific Hotel

McGrath Foundation

McWilliam Wines

Melanoma Foundation

Merck Sharpe Dohme

Merlo Coffee

Milford Asset Management

Millennium Hotels and Resorts




Neverfail Spring Water

News Ltd

Northern Beaches Council

Northern Territory Travel & Tourism



NSW Cancer Council

NZ Post

Observatory Hotel

Orange Digital

OTEC Turbines

Pernod Ricard

Pfizer Animal Health



Pullman Hotels

Qantas Cargo

Quadrant Superannuation

Queensland Travel & Tourism



Ramada Hotels






Santos Foods



SNAP Printing

Star City




Sure Slim

Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation

Synergy Effect


Taronga Zoo

Tasmanian Tote

Taylors Wine

Team Invest


The Common Good

The Smith Family

Thomas Cook Travel

Time Inc


Tote Tasmania

Tourism Australia

Tourism New Zealand

Tourism NSW




Triple JJJ


University of Sydney



Vero Insurance

Victoria Institute of Teaching


Warwick Dawson Shoes

Westfund Financial Services




Your Share Financial Services


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