A class act in marketing automation…


If you read my blog yesterday you would know I had some problems with an automated software and the copy that went with it.

As I’ve said numerous times, it’s not humans that have changed, it’s technology. Pre-interweb, I would have complained about my experience to staff and colleagues. But thanks to technology, I was able to complain to the world using a blog – not that the world reads my blog, but you get my drift.

There are two differences here related to technology. The first is that more people get to hear about my complaint. The second is that the company that caused the problem can learn about it too and do something to fix it.

And that folks is the single biggest benefit of social media. It is an excellent channel in which to track complaints and act on them. If that’s all you use social media for, you will be light years ahead of most, who are still trying to understand its role.

Yesterday’s post quickly tracked higher on the “viewed” scale relative to other blogs. I was out of office most of the day, so was not checking email or blog stuff. But once online I discovered Melanie from Marketo had checked me out – so to speak – on LinkedIn.  And I noticed Melanie had also placed a comment on my blog that was waiting my approval.

Here it is:

Thank you very much for your feedback.
We looked into the issue and it was caused by a bug on our landing page.
It recognised you as a repeat visitor, but incorrectly asked for and tried to validate your email address.
We sincerely apologise for the frustrating experience you had.
We have the Workbook for you and will give you a call.
Best wishes, Melanie

Melanie rang me and explained the problem and asked for my address. Within a couple hours a copy of the report I couldn’t download, along with a bottle of good Aussie Shiraz, were delivered to my doorstep.

What a class act – and what a demonstration of the impact humans have on relationships and business processes. The fact is, if I hadn’t blogged about the problem, Marketo wouldn’t have known their computerised system wasn’t working, unless I called them. But as you know, nearly all companies are doing their best to avoid human contact, forcing people onto websites and DIY solutions. You rarely find telephone numbers or street addresses on websites anymore.

What Marketo demonstrated was the key to the world of marketing automation and BIG DATA – a layer of human intelligence across the software. Because if your system doesn’t have humans monitoring and analysing the real-time data, it won’t work and there’s no sense implementing the software.

As I said in my blog, Marketo is regarded as one of the best on the planet for marketing automation, so full marks to them for the dignified way they responded. And hopefully they’ll get some help with their copywriting.

I’m off for a read over a glass or two – cheers.

Marketo workbook 001

P.S. I just heard from the VP Marketing, Jon Miller, as well – see the “comments” on yesterday’s post.

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