Amazing new WOM technology creates sales…

In this over-hyped digital marketing world in which we live, it’s always good to discover something that really works, rather than claims to really work.

During the recent Summer holidays my family took a cruise with Royal Caribbean Cruises. We even broke a couple records while cruising the South Pacific. My son was the first into the medical centre, within 18 hours of departing Sydney, after a girl accidentally glassed him in the face with a plastic cup (long story). It resulted in gluing and stitching so he couldn’t do any water activities for the first week.

While I broke the record for the fastest face-plant on a Flowrider, as I again attempted to relive my youth. Though my enthusiastic efforts did motivate a couple 70 year old blokes to have a go as well.

Click here to view the video.

Voyager of the Seas - Copy

On return lots of people asked us “how was the cruise” because as you probably know dear reader, everyone has a horror cruise story. Well here’s what happened. My bride used the amazing technology called her voice. In social situations with our real friends and family, she shared the stories of our holiday and how much we enjoyed ourselves.

Her content obviously engaged with our friends, because already some of them and my family, have booked eight suites on the same ship next Summer. That’s sixteen people who are cruising on the back of my bride’s engaging word-of-mouth content marketing.


Bloody amazing this new technology.

And here’s another example. Regular readers will know one of the reasons my blood pressure occasionally hiccups, is my bride’s loyalty to Ole Lynggaard. As a result of her wearing her Ole jewelry, dozens of other brides have asked her “where did you get those?” (I feel a Singo jingle coming on).

My bride then uses the same technology – her voice – to share the news that she bought the jewelery at Ole Lynggaard. Consequently a number of her friends have now bought Ole’s jewelery (and who knows how many of their friends?). Obviously her content marketing is working.

And at least three husbands have joined my support group – MWBLOmen whose brides love Ole. We share our war stories and enjoy a drink or three together.

support group

But imagine if this word-of-mouth stuff takes off online? Before you know it there will be new buzzwords – word-of-mouse comes to mind sooo easily.

You can see it now – people will post images on Instagram and Facebook. They’ll share their content with their online friends, who will Like the posts. But the friends won’t have to ask “where did you get those?” because there will be a link to the website within the post!

There will be seminars, webinars and a whole new breed of experts. Thought leaders will appear along with influencers – or is that WOMfluencers – on LinkedIn?

Gotta luv technology – what’s old is new again, again.

I’m off to tell my friends about it…


  1. Thanks Malcolm for your great words of wisdom and for sharing your journey with OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN with everyone. I read your blog on a small plane from Canberra and you made me laugh out loud 🙂 Hope to see you and your bride again soon. X Kamilla

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