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I enjoy studying the history of marketing, particularly advertisements. The ads reflect so much of society during the period in which they were created. In years to come, anthropologists will be able to calculate the decade they are researching, by the iPremium offered in sales promotions. For example iPod minis 10 years ago, iPads now.


My friend, the famous US copywriter and direct marketer Alan Rosenspan, reminded me of some useful resources in his newsletter yesterday.

Here are some of our favourite sites. Use them to discover new ideas or check to see if your idea has already been used. Or just enjoy yourself with a trawl through history.

As David Ogilvy used to say, “search the world and steal the best”. And I’m sure Drayton Bird told me David stole that saying. But it certainly saves you a lot of time.

The US DMA sells portfolios of awards winners –

The Caples provide access to award winners at

And if you value the Cannes Lions awards you can view them at

BTW here’s a writing resource you may not want to use. It appeared as an advertisement on LinkedIn yesterday:

writing course



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