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A Creative Director I worked with in the days before the interweb used to get his kicks by destroying the confidence of account managers. His idea of fun was to get his secretary to retype the staff telephone list without the account manager’s name or number on it. He would then put the new list announcing the staff update, on the account manager’s chair when they were in a meeting or at lunch.


When the account manager returned to their desk, they would assume they had been fired and come rushing to me very distressed, to see if they were still employed. The hours I spent cajouling young executives as a result could fill a book, or blog?

I was reminded of this by twins I know, who just turned 21. They are very active on Facebook, so much so that I hope potential employers never view their pages. They are testosterone-filled, football loving single males, if you get my drift?

Recently one of them changed his status to engaged. I was a tad miffed as he hadn’t rung me to tell me the good news. So I rang him. He pleaded ‘not guilty’ and anxiously exclaimed that his girlfriend had used his password to access his account. She changed his marital status and sent herself loads of loving messages (from his account) about their engagement and his undying love for her.

Facebook Engaged

Turns out she was the jealous type and was using his social pages to warn off potential threats to her claim on him from eligible single women. She then changed his password so he couldn’t access his own account. Despite this they are still together, so maybe it is meant to be?

I mention this because I’m completely over Twitter. My account has been hacked so much – and I’ve changed my password umpteen times – that I no longer care. I don’t look at my Twitter feed. My posts to it are automatic from my blog, so I don’t need to view the account. When I last looked, at least 80% of the messages were from Asian hackers posting in non-English languages. They’ve never officially ‘followed me”. They just hacked my account.

Last year the hackers posted messages from it. I took hours to work out how to fix it myself – and then it started all over again a few days later. I don’t have time to keep monitoring and fixing it. So I’ve given up. Anyone who follows me will still get my blog Tweets. But I have no desire to waste my time sorting through the spam feeds. Besides, if I really want to know something about a subject, I’ll use search engines – Twitter is not really the first place I’d research content.

No Twitter

This is one of the problems of the interweb – everything is DIY. You cannot talk with humans anymore, only email a ‘no-reply’ address and hope for a response. You spend hours trying to sort things out for yourself, via random search queries, in the vain hope the first page results will provide an easy-to-understand answer.

Maybe there’s a business opportunity for Twitter or other social media sites – a call centre staffed with geeks who you can speak with to solve your IT problems. This used to be called ‘customer service’ before the interweb, maybe it can come back in fashion?


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