I’ll shake your hand but won’t blow you kisses…

That’s exactly what my doctor said to me following my recent prostate examination, as part of my annual health check “I’ll shake your hand but won’t blow you kisses“.

He has a very engaging bedside manner – to use a marketing term – and a wicked sense of humour.

prostate gloves

You know the prostate examination. It’s the one where you expose your bare butt to the sound of rubber gloves snapping tight over the doctor’s hand. Once you hit 40-something these sort of check-ups become annual things.

The reason I’m creating content about this today is that September is “Prostate Cancer Awareness Month” in Australia. And my dad has just been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer – so it’s top of my mind at the moment.


Diagnosis of prostate cancer is growing exponentially as our population ages. Apparently most men die with some form of prostate cancer in them, not from prostate cancer.

But it is the second most common cause of cancer death after lung cancer – see the statistics here. And it is also quite curable if diagnosed early enough.

As part of the monthly awareness campaign, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia encourages Aussies to have a BBQ – as only the Aussies can – to raise money for the Foundation. Go to www.bigaussiebarbie.com.au

prostate bbq

You have to love a charity that says “get a bunch of mates around for a steak, sausages and a few beers, all for a good cause.” Strewth cobber what a bonza idea mate!

I’m not going to run a fundraiser or ask you for donations. I’ll make my own donation and hope my father recovers fully fit, following his surgery. Hopefully he’ll soon be up for a steak and a couple of beers with me again.

I learned years ago when first writing fundraising copy, that the majority of first-time donors to any charity are usually family or friends of someone who is suffering a disease, injury or is involved in a cause. So you will have your own causes to support.

But hey, a bit of publicity for a charity about a cancer that can affect half our species is probably worth it. And even you bullet-proof digi-kids under 40 years of age will be over 40 one day! Given my genes, it is now moving up the list on my health radar, so to speak.

I’m off to check my diary. I have to confirm the date for next year’s handshake with my doctor.

prostate gloves 2



  1. Sorry to hear about your Dad, Malcolm … but good on you for talking about it. It’s one of the things I bug my hubby to do and he hates it, but he came home last week proud as punch telling me he went and did it to make me happy (but hated every minute of it). And yes … I’m happy to know he’s good for another year. All the best for your Dad’s speedy recovery!

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