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As most of you know, dear reader, if you don’t have any insight into your target audience, you will struggle to communicate with relevance. But if you do understand something about your audience, you can communicate not just with relevance, but in a creative way that involves and engages them.

Here’s a simple example my agency created more than a decade ago, which I use in marketing training.

The marketer is Stryker, manufacturer of medical technology. I suspect Stryker’s artificial knees may one day occupy my legs. Stryker asked us to design an invitation to get orthopedic surgeons to attend its Ortho Pacific conference being held in Sydney Tower – the tallest building in Sydney.

The envelope used a curiosity headline, but the invitation itself reflected a smart insight into the world of orthopedic surgeons. The most valuable tool used by surgeons in their daily practice, is an X-ray light box that allows the surgeon to examine a patient’s X-ray.

So, the creative team designed a personalised X-ray as the invitation. To make the visual even more relevant, Sydney Tower is supported by a Stryker artificial knee. To view the invitation, the surgeons had to place it in their X-ray reader. An extremely relevant and creative piece of communication that was enjoyed by the recipients and delivered the desired results.

Personalised X-ray invitation…

Most marketing briefs require the creative team to solve a marketing problem, not a customer problem. It’s why so much copy is all about the marketer’s product or service, rather than the benefits for the audience. So, before you create your next personalised marketing message, take time to gain an insight into your audience. An insight makes it much easier to communicate in a relevant and creative manner – and your results will improve too.

You’ll find dozens more examples here:


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