Look at me, look at me…

Ever wondered why people become fans or followers of brands on Facebook or Twitter?

Boston market research group CMB asked the question. They publish regular reports about various aspects of marketing you can download.

Think about the context as well. They asked people who had clicked they were a fan or follower ‘why’?

This slide demonstrates that more people who are already customers say they are more likely to buy after becoming a fan or follower. What else would they say given they had clicked the fan/follower link?

Fans or more likely to buy - duh!
Fans or more likely to buy – duh!

This slide reveals the majority of people who do follow or become a fan only have time to follow less than 5 brands. This is not surprising – we all have real lives that don’t revolve around building click-relations with brands.

75% of females follow less than 5 brands
75% of females follow less than 5 brands

The majority of those who become fans (or should that be Fans with a capital “F”?) do so because they are already customers – which was probably predictable anyway.

It's about me the customer
It’s about me the customer

Interestingly the primary reason people become FB fans is “to receive discounts”. So we’re encouraging the people who are already customers to register to receive discounts on stuff they are already buying? Is that smart marketing?

Existing customers who want discounts
Existing customers who want discounts

The main reasons people Follow tweets is because they are a customer, followed closely by “to receive discounts”. Do you see a pattern here?

I'm a customer, give me discounts...
I’m a customer, give me discounts…

But the Primary reason for becoming a Follower on Twitter is “to receive discounts and promotions”.

Give me discounts, I want discounts...
Give me discounts, I want discounts…

What is all this data revealing about brand Fans and Followers?

Well for one thing it’s not about the brands.

It’s all about the customers – look at me, look at me. Look what I’m clicking on. How can I get deals and discounts by doing so?

Running perpetual sales promotions and discounting your products and services to your most valuable customers are guaranteed ways to go broke. And they’re certainly not a smart way to invest your marketing budget.

But hey, I’m confident your shareholders would rather you have lots of fans and followers than lots of profit.

I’m planning a home renovation – better go follow some roofers and tile grouters and builders to see what discounts I can get.

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