Looks like meta used “THIS TOOL” to write its headline…

I’ve previously shared some of the rubbish that passes for marketing expertise, promoted by the cyber-hustlers in our industry.

Sadly, their advertisements and posts are inflicting a death of a thousand cuts on the credibility of the marketing industry. Every little spruik adds to the ongoing decline of “marketing’s” reputation.

And these two advertisements that appeared recently in social media just exacerbate the problem. They’ve rightly been panned by many marketers.

Curiously though, most readers are fooled by the first advertisement, as they ask themselves “why would I let this Tool write my copy” as they believe the headline is referring to the battery-operated bloke in the image…

In many ways the advertisement demonstrates why “artificial intelligence” is artificial. It doesn’t understand the nuances of language, resulting in ridiculous headlines like the one “written” above. There are obviously some useful roles for AI in customer service, but writing persuasive copy is not one of them.

Mind you dear reader, much of the content being published online has been written by typists not copywriters, and is appallingly low rent. So maybe the Tool has a point – if you’ll excuse the pun.

But if you really believe all you have to do to succeed is let a computer write your copy, rather than use an experienced copywriter, it’s time you left the industry.

And then there is this ridiculous headline from the reincarnation of Second Life

WTF is is your true self? And why in the metaverse? What’s the benefit? #changehands

Discover how the metaverse will help me do my best work and be my true self? In what world, real or virtual, does this have any ring of authenticity? Be real by being in a fake world? As against being yourself in the real world? How will my real world self-esteem cope if I do my best work in my fake world? The mind boggles.

It looks like meta used THE TOOL to write its headlines

This sort of drivel is now embarrassing even those who still call themselves digital marketers. Now the most ardent digital-first zealots no longer support the claims being made by the cyber-hustlers. They know the real world will no longer be fooled by the virtual one, as it has been most of this century.

So folks, it’s time the industry kicked these cyber-hustlers out and re-established some credibility before it’s too late. Ignore their “future is” platitudes and fake future forecasts. Focus on what is proven.

If you want real results, work in the real world, with real people, with real intelligence – or leave the industry now.

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