Me Likey Miss Chu’s travel…

Long time readers may recall my discussions about the savvy marketing by Vietnamese street noodle chain – Miss Chu. Here and here if you’re interested.

Well given Miss Chu’s ‘migrant’ theme using her passport imagery and background as a refugee, the obvious next step from flogging fresh dumplings is to offer food tours of Vietnam.

That’s right dear reader, Miss Chu has teamed up with a Melbourne travel agent and is merchandising the tours in store, using a very authentic looking passport as the brochure.

miss chu 001

miss chu 002

miss chu 003

miss chu 004

This is a wonderful brand extension at very little cost and I imagine little risk. It fits the Miss Chu brand perfectly – come to Vietnam for a culinary tour. If you’re interested you can download the full passport brochure here.

This brand is evolving as fast as the chain is growing. And while it’s ‘street food’ it’s certainly not street prices, which demonstrates the value the brand is creating.

Who knows what we’ll see next in the world of marketing? A former mail-order record salesman launching space tourism for the public. Yeah right.

I think I need to eat some dumplings, my mind’s wandering…



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