Ole Lynggaard’s secret women’s club plot to keep me working…

You may have read my post about how the prestige Danish jewelry brand Ole Lynggaard uses direct mail to build its brand and sales – and what a loyal fan my bride has become.

Well today, while visiting our kid’s school for a student presentation, I resigned myself to a lifetime of working for a living. Because like some unexplained phenomena and before I could divert her attention to our daughter’s project, my bride just happened to start chatting with the Country Manager for Ole Lynggaard and a Danish designer – the wife of the Danish Ambassador and friends of “Our Mary”. And of course they’re all wearing the jewellery aren’t they!

secret women 2

In fact, the delightfully charming Kamilla (the Country Manager) is more like a walking pop-up store for the brand. You could put a deposit on a harbourside apartment with just her necklaces. My heart rate immediately accelerated as they started comparing jewelry, instead of looking at our children’s projects.

And just to help my blood pressure head further north, they agreed the Ole gals were a like a secret women’s club. They all know about the brand, how to mix n match items and the best pieces. Which of course means they have to keep buying the stuff.

To help motivate the ‘club members’ further, Kamilla talked about a new range. “A new range” I blurted – “my bride isn’t finished with the current range.”

“But that’s one of the benefits of the brand for men” smiled Kamilla. I looked quizzically at her with a “please explain” expression. She did; “There are so many designs and different pieces you can match together, that men can buy any piece knowing it will be kept forever. Their partner won’t throw it away next year because it is no longer fashionable. In fact, they’ll want to add to it over time, so it’s a perfect gift for any occasion.”

I stumbled away beaten and unable to counter, as my bride enthusiastically agreed, repeating the phrase “any occasion dear” while the secret women’s club connected with each other on Instagram.

secret women 1
Let’s connect so we can look at the jewelry all day…

But that’s a valuable insight for a brand. The more reasons you can find for people to buy your brand, the more you will sell. And the target market is not always the user, but the buyer – poor sods like me for instance.

I’m off to ask the Danish Ambassador for a second job – given my bride’s ongoing contribution to his economy, it’s the least he can do.







  1. Very entertaining reading Malcolm. I haven’t heard about this brand before (maybe because I am not married yet!), but it seems like they have created a cult-like following.

    Great marketing, thanks for sharing.

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