Prestige Danish brand prefers real to virtual for customer engagement (and sales)…

Last year, “Our Mary” returned to Sydney to open the first Ole Lynggaard store in Australia. (That’s Princess Mary of Denmark for you uncultured lot)

Our Mary opens the Ole Lynggaard store

My bride became what is known in marketing jargon as an early adopter of the brand. While she didn’t quite kick in the doors on opening day, she was one of their first customers, which is one reason I’ll be working til I’m 90!

Ole Lynggaard is a luxury jewellery brand created by Danish designer Ole Lynggaard in 1963. His daughter and son now also work in the family business and it is expanding globally. The brand is living proof there is rarely a recession at the top end of the market.

So last week a courier knocked on our door and asked my bride to sign for a parcel. She had no idea what it was, but opened it with interest.

Here’s what was inside:


An embossed cream box from Ole Lynggaard. It contained a hand written personal card to my bride, signed by Ole Sydney. (I would have signed it from an individual, but that’s just me).

Ola Lynggaard 002
Ola Lynggaard 003
Personal message on rear of postcard

The card was sitting atop a 128 page colour book (coffee table quality) featuring all the latest products in this year’s range.

Ola Lynggaard 004
Cover of 128 page 4-colour book

The book is chock-full of stories and beautiful photographs of the jewellery, including a number of evocative shots of Helena Christensen taken from the current advertising campaign.

photo 1
Helena Christensen & jewellery

Here are some of the jewellery images.

photo 5

photo 6

Did I mention there were evocative shots of Helena Christensen?

photo 3

The book and packaging would have cost well over $150 each. But any marketer worth their salt knows the power of tactile mail and the massive ROI when executed properly. It is far more emotionally engaging than anything in the digital world. The science proved that years ago.

Yet so many marketers seem to have forgotten the power of the proven channels and have followed fashion into the unproven ones. But hey, who cares? It’s not their money – it’s just a budget.

As my bride said while conducting her nightly fawn through the book (it’s now a bedside table read) “I would never spend as much time on a website as I do looking at this book. Plus I find new things every time I open it.

She has even taken it from our home to show her friends – I pity their poor partners. If Ole had included an offer or incentive of any kind to encourage first-time buyers who knows how many new customers he would have?

Did I mention there were evocative shots of Helena Christensen?

photo 2

And guess what? My bride’s birthday just happens to be on the very near horizon. The word “hint” doesn’t come close to describe her subtle suggestions for a gift – if you get my drift. This cannot be good for my forthcoming annual health check.

Ole’s lucky he doesn’t live locally – we might have a word with him about toning down his brilliant marketing. Although I must admit, I do enjoy flicking through the photos – from a creative design point of view of course.

In fact, I might just take another peek for a minute or two to see if anything inspires me to write a blog post. In case you’re digi-impaired, writing a blog post is now known as content marketing.

Did I mention there were evocative shots of Helena Christensen?



  1. Great post as always, Malcolm. Who knows what sales they might achieve with a special “customer appreciation evening” event? Perhaps with special guests of an “evocative” nature?

    Actually, your use of the term “evocative” hits on an important point…the reality that most people buy on emotion and justify with logic. Online lacks many of the “evocative” elements that create the emotional impetus to buy. So I’d suggest you actually need to be better at selling (and copy) online than offline. Of course,as you point out, all too many “marketers” seem to think the opposite.

    Thanks again for the post!

    Kevin Francis

  2. Dear Malcolm,
    thank you so much for sharing this beautiful written blog and for your kind words.
    We are very happy that you enjoy our new limited edition brand book. At Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen we love sharing our stories & we do host customer events both in our store and at special places around the country. We look forward to see you and your wife in our store again. All the best .
    From all of us at OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN

    Kamilla van der Velde

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