Should ‘meteorology’ be an essential marketing skill…

Last month I spoke about digital marketing at a regional tourism conference for Destination NSW. I first worked on the brand 20 years ago, creating the first ever Tourism NSW customer database.

One of the points I obviously missed in my session about the pros and cons of digital marketing, was the necessity to be a meteorologist. International readers of this blog are probably not aware that Sydney is currently experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime/decade (depending upon the media owner) wet weather event.

I happen to be right in the front line of this ‘event’, as I’m in a local area flood zone. Most of last night I spent with torch in hand watching the neighbouring river merge with my back yard.

This morning I went online to check the news about the overnight events and predictions for today. On the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald site, there was a ‘roadblock’ advertising campaign by Destination NSW:

Destination NSW 1
Love every waterlogged second of Sydney in Winter

Destination NSW 2

Destination NSW
People have died but you can still love every second…

Personally I don’t believe you need meteorological skills to be a marketer. You just need a dose of commonsense – even sticking your head out the window will give you an idea of the weather. And there is a Weather Channel on the television, not to mention sites – the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) site is one of the most popular in the country.

The advertising is digital, so it can be changed pronto – which I suggest Destination NSW does immediately. Who in the advertising agency or marketing department hasn’t realised this fact? Maybe their brains are waterlogged?

Man with suit carrying swimming mattress

I’m off to put on my formal wetsuit as I have a branding workshop to run for an insurance company in two hours. Am sure given the weather, “claims processing” will be high on the agenda…


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