Start trimming your cuticles…

Just when you think advertisers couldn’t find another piece of real estate on which to run ads on this precious planet, think again.

Now everyone can make money just by painting their nails with a new technology that prints images onto your nails.

Known as Tatz Nailz it’s another application of the digital technology that is disrupting the traditional way of doing things.


Here’s the promtion video:

There’s more information on the website

You can imagine the excitement in advertising agencies as they develop strategic brand strategies to dominate the 18 to 25 female nail demographic. ‘Like’ our nail logo and get 10 free TatzNailzs for your fingers, or a free sample of our brand.

The agencies will have a field day inventing new buzzwords like NPT (Nailz Per Thousand) which is a measure of the number of people the TatzNailz wearer passes during a day. There will be an associated measurement of brand awareness of the brand printed on their fingers and toes.

Of course there will be a different calculation for those who wear thongs on their feet and give more exposure to the brand than those with closed or other types of open-toe shoes.

And given the way tramp stamps have become acceptable for women, maybe this could be a new trend for blokes. They could print their favourite beer logos on their stubby digits – maybe win a free beer if they are spotted in the street by mystery TatzNailz spotters. And if they are wearing a matching branded t-shirt and cap they win even more beer and free TatzNailz.

People could photograph their nails and post them on FB so their friends could “Like” them. Or maybe photograph their nails while holding a plate of food – see earlier post. Now that’s smart thinking. Two things to see in one photo.

And imagine how people can make a statement about how they see themselves by the logos they wear on their nails? You could immediately judge someone just by looking at the brands on their nails. Singles would save a lot of wasted time trying to get to know others in bars. “What logo is she wearing? Tiffany! Too pricey for my taste, where’s a Pandora?”

The possibilities are mind-boggling.

Better get my emery board out and start buffing now.

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  1. Interesting stuff, and it really shows the diversity of print and the ways it can be integrated into modern social media, like you say. I think I’d draw the line at it personally, though!

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