The 4 essential weapons of the digital marketer…

To succeed in the digital world there are 4 things a marketer needs. And you’ll be surprised how few marketers have them, or use them effectively.

marketing weapons

They are rather radical and each applies to your customers:
1. First and last name
2. Postal address
3. Email address
4. Telephone number

If you have the “Essential 4” you can run a successful business – even without a retail store or a website. Because if you can send a mailing or email, or make a phone call, you will be far more successful at selling something than if you don’t have them.

Once you have these, you can add other weapons to your marketing armoury. You can advertise in any media, add a website or a social media site, write a blog, conduct events, publish all sorts of content, create an App, open a YouTube channel and more. The list goes on, as you know…

But without the “Essential 4” you will need to spend a comparative fortune to reach your customers and convince them to buy from you.

I have a share in a travel agency (let’s know when you want a holiday – Mal’s Mates Rates:)

Last week we sent a highly sophisticated email to just over 200 of our clients, 3 days before the offer closed. Here it is:

Qantas logo

Qantas Companion Sale
Closes 13th August

Dear <first name>

Qantas has released a special worldwide companion sale!

• First and Business Class
• Global destinations
• Departure times vary
• Availability is limited

You enjoy enormous savings when you travel with a companion.

Call Jose or me on (02) 9555 7733 before next Tuesday 13th August.

And remember you can also earn FlyBuys points on each holiday you book with us.

Happy Holidays

While we won’t retire on the sales, we sold over $25,000 worth of tickets within 24 hours and generated inquiries for other travel.

If we had a Facebook site we could have posted it there, but there’s no guarantee anyone will see it, given the ASS Time of users and the fact FB decides what posts to load onto a newsfeed. We’re trialling FB at the moment under our cruise brand, but the cost for a small business to keep FB current and to pay for itself is not cheap.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is online or offline, you will get business if you just communicate with relevance to your customers (sorry, should that be, produce content for them?). Talk with your customers as personally as you would if they were sitting opposite you. You’ll be surprised how it engages them and their credit cards.

The number of businesses that don’t store or use the most valuable data about their customers, probably because they are chasing BIG Data, is astonishing. 

We over-complicate our marketing and forget it’s the customers who make us rich, not our marketing jargon.


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