The email postman always rings twice…

Thank you for your feedback on my post about images in email. Here’s some more insight into how to make email really pay for you.

postman rings twice

Most marketers who send email messages waste their money. All they do is blast a message and at best check the open-rate. But the secret to email marketing success lies not in the first message. It’s in the recipient’s behaviour to the first message.

I own an email marketing service. And like all email services it provides tracking tools that capture who opens their email messages and what they click on within them. This is the data that really helps you make money, because it reveals behaviour.

Here’s what typically happens with email messages – you can probably relate. A customer opens a message because they believe it is relevant to them. Then they click on a link(s) – to download something, or for more information or to even buy.

Then life gets in the way and the customer leaves the message to get on with other things. This is when you apply (dare I digi-say it) some old-fashioned direct mail tricks.

Life gets in the way...
Life gets in the way…

Those who know how to use direct mail will tell you that if you hit or exceed your target response rate, you quickly re-mail the same mailing to the same list, apart from the responders. You will inevitably get at least 50% of the original response rate, but the mailing has cost less to produce.

Always knock twice

The same principles apply to email. You should always plan to send at least two email messages. The first message goes to all your list. The second message is a follow-up to those who have not just opened your email, but clicked on it as well.


My travel agency always has a follow-up email ready for our fortnightly offers. The follow-up message only goes to those who by their behaviour (clicking on a link) have demonstrated interest in our offer.

Double your success

We average 22% to 35% initial open-rate on the first messages. But when we send a reminder message with content that is only relevant to the link on which they clicked, the open rates are more than double the original rate. And click-through rates can be higher.

For example we recently sent 3 offers to our house list and had an open rate of 24.3%. We then sent a reminder message to those who had clicked on a specific P&O offer. The message only contained information about the P&O offer.

The open rate shot up to 54.2%. The message also generated more sales because it reminded people of what they were originally interested in before life got in the way.

So don’t just send one message. The recipients will reveal the content they are really interested in by what they open and click on. Your customers are providing you with guidance to help them make a buying decision.

Click here for more information on what gets your message opened and what gets it deleted.

So take your direction from your customers – it’s a much easier way to make money. And you’ll probably find they appreciate your service too.

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