The year that was in YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook…

There are now two things you can bet your life will appear at this time of year.


The first is the digital reflection of what was most popular in social media. Each channel publishes their own version. Here’s a few:





And here’s the top ads from one of the trade magazines:

Ad News Top 10 Ads

The second is the rush to be the first brand or “influencer” to create predictions of digital trends for the forthcoming year. Maybe we should call 2014 “The Year of The FLUENCER” given there are people now calling themselves “influencers“, “socialfluencers”, “linkfluencers” and the like?

We could create some new language – “to fluence” for example. Just don’t do it in public.

I was just reviewing the predictions I made for 2014. You can check them here. Some will still apply in 2015, but I’ll put my thinking cap on and come back to you with a few more early in the new year.

Two obvious trends will appear through simple overuse. The word “hack” when referring to so many things digital, will make its meaning confusing and possibly redundant. While the overuse of #hashtags will make them nothing but background noise as more companies use them, but less people look at them.

I’m off to do some Christmas shopping. It’s a bit late to do it online, but given the whole world is now digital, the local mall will obviously be empty and I’ll be able to easily park my car and shop leisurely.

People crowd the aisles inside Macy's de

Where’s my shopping list?


  1. Hi Malcolm, love it. Wonder if any of the so called “digital gurus” or “digital gnus” as I prefer to say visited a mall this year?? I’ve seen plenty there. 2015 prediction. Long live the word pragmatism.

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