Today’s throwback is a 2004 interview with Bird, Auld & Kotler…

In 2004 I ran a series of one-day seminars about online marketing with Drayton Bird, in Oz and NZ. Before the NZ leg of the tour, we were interviewed along with that doyen of marketing, Philip Kotler, by NZ Marketing magazine. Phil’s textbook was compulsory reading when I did my first marketing degree.


If only we’d realised then, what we were really doing in the new-age digital world, imagine how successful we could have become?

According to the cyber-hustlers, by being interviewed in a marketing magazine, we were practicing influencer marketing, by delivering thought leadership as part of our content marketing strategy. If only we’d known – we could have become Linkfluencers! The cyber-hustlers have so much to teach us.

Here’s a PDF of the interviews.


  1. Ah but Mal, Mal, Mal! That was 2004 and we all know that consumers have changed since then. Haven’t the Thought Leaders and Influencer Experts told us that?

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