Two marketers go wine tasting…

Happy Friday – hope you get to enjoy a tipple or two tonight. Cheers…

wine 13

wine 12

wine 11

wine 10

wine 9

wine 8

wine 7

wine 6

wine 5

wine 4

wine 3

wine 2

wine 1

wine 14


  1. Malcolm,

    This is driving me mad. You wrote a blog only recently on notices in Churches. Very good. So I saved it – somewhere!

    I had hoped to borrow it, with attribution of course, both for the humour but also to make the point that we all need to check our communications, proposals, quotations, tenders etc. before sending them out and making fools of ourselves.

    But do you think I can find where I ‘saved’ it ? Of course not.

    Would it be possible to get a copy again.

    Thank you

    Adam Gordon

    Profits Leak Detective

    Tel: 02 6646 1474


    – Picture the Profit – 27 Practical Tips

    – Small Changes, Big Results – How to Dramatically Improve your Quotations

    – Forensic Diagnostic (self help tool)

    – 8 Tools to Increase Sales (pdf + video + MP3)

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